The 2Fit Podcast is a weekly internet radio show featuring personal trainer/author Brandon Walker and fitness pro Sara Holleyhead.

Each week Brandon and Sara discuss a relevant health/fitness topic as well as current fitness trends, nutrition articles, exercises, and all things related to the world of wellness. The discussions are geared toward "normal" people, and not just fitness elites.

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Available Episodes:

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Episode 13:
Essential Fitness Equipment

Do you REALLY need an Ab Roller, Perfect Pushups, and a Shakeweight to get in shape? Of course not, but there are five pieces of equipment you SHOULD own if you're serious about getting in shape. Brandon and Sara discuss them in detail on 2Fit Episode 13.
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Episode 12:
Health for the Holidays

How can you possibly stay fit over the holidays with all the food, booze, stress, and chaos? Well it can be done and we're here to help! In Episode 12, Brandon and Sara talk holiday health strategy and what you can do to keep the pounds off without missing out on all the fun.
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Episode 11:

Sometimes we take "no pain, no gain" to extremes and actually hinder our fitness progress by working TOO hard. In 2Fit Episode 11, Brandon and Sara talk about the symptoms of overtraining and how you can improve your workouts by working smarter, not harder.
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Episode 10:
Fitness Horror Stories

Some scary things can happen within the walls of a gym! In Episode 10, Brandon and Sara share a few choice stories as well as Sara's latest Crossfit adventure.
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Episode 9:
Childhood Obesity (Part 2)

Parents can end the childhood obesity epidemic...but how? In 2Fit Episode 9, Brandon and Sara talk practical strategies to get your kids off the couch and eating better.
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Episode 8:
Childhood Obesity (Part 1)

1/3 of US children are overweight. Kids are being diagnosed with "adult" weight-related conditions like Type II Diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. What is causing this and what can parents do about it?
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Episode 7:
5 Fitness Myths: Busted!

Can crunches help you lose weight? Can fat turn into muscle? In Episode 7, Brandon and Sara take on five popular fitness myths and bust them up good!
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Episode 6:
Small Changes, Big Results

You don't have to overhaul your whole life to get fit! Start with a few small changes and work your way up. In Episode 6, Brandon and Sara discuss a few simple ideas that can help you build a strong foundation for fitness success.
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Episode 5:
Gym Etiquette

Let's face it, the gym is a weird, wild place. But we can do our part to make the experience a bit more pleasant for everyone... things like putting equipment back where you found it and ditching that pair of 1986 biker shorts.
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Episode 4:
5 Fit Travel Tips (Part 2)

Two more tips for staying fit on the road... and one REALLY embarassing story.
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Episode 3:
5 Fit Travel Tips (Part 1)

We all know it's challenging to stay fit while traveling, but it CAN be done! In Episode 3, Brandon and Sara discuss five tips for staying fit on the road.
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Episode 2:
Muscle Recovery and Repair

Why do your muscles get sore after a workout? Is it a good or a bad thing? What can you do to make them heal faster? Brandon and Sara answer these questions and more on Episode 2 of The 2Fit Podcast.
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Episode 1:
Aerobic vs. Anerobic exercise... which is better?

The inagural episode introducing Brandon Walker and Sara Holleyhead. Welcome to the show! This week Brandon and Sara tackle the tricky subject of Aerobic vs. Anerobic exercise and break it down for ya!